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Boca 45 "Forty Five" LP - Mass Appeal Records

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Limited Special Price - £12 !!!!
At the advent of Scott Boca’s 45th year on planet Earth he decided to hone everything he’s learnt and loved into one killer solo record.
When making Forty Five, Boca pulled together friends, family and footie mates to make a record that would deserving stand as his musical autobiography - that cast list included his Bryan Munich teammates (Geoff Barrow and Billy Fuller from Beak, Ben Salisbury), Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno, NYC MC Emskee, New Zealander soul singer Louis Baker and Malachai bandmate Gee.
Forty Five is Scott Bocas life story in twelve cuts; the soundtrack to an immersion in sound, it’s an honest personal statement.
His Twin teenage Sons designed the Forty Five Logo, Boca wrote the comprehensive sleeve notes personally breaking down the back ground of each track as well as making the inner collage using images from all of the collaborators on the LP.
The first people to hear the record outside of a close circle of friends was titanic U.S. record label Mass Appeal (home to DJ Shadow, Nas, Run the Jewels and the J Dilla catalogue).
They immediately offered and signed the record in a worldwide deal.
Previously Scott Boca provided a track for the Banksy Movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop” & in 2015 the elusive artist personally requested Boca to DJ with his 45s at the opening night at his Dismal Land Show.